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Sony Bravia KDL-40ZX1B LED TV


Sony Bravia KDL-40ZX1B LED TV

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40 in; LED; HD Ready 1080p; Sony Bravia Engine 2 2;186.09.
Product information .
Product Product name.
Bravia KDL-40ZX1B .
Product properties Built-In Digital TV Tuner / Freeview .
Yes Digital Tuner Type.
DVB-T/DVB-C Energy Saving Trust.
N/A 1.
Power Consumption (In use / Standby).
x / 1 .
Features Built-In DVD / HDD / VCR.
No Screen.
Display .
LED Screen Size .
40 in .
Picture 100 Hz.
Full HD (1920x1080) .
Yes (1920x1080) 1080p24 Support .
Yes Image Enhancement Engine.
Sony Bravia Engine 2 Resolution .
1920x1080 Screen Format .
Widescreen Supported Picture Formats.
480i/p; 576i/p; 720p; 1080i/p .
Sound Speakers .
Stereo 20.
Supported Sound Formats.
Dolby Digital Plus .
Digital-TV HD Logo .
HD Ready 1080p Yes.
DVB-C tuner.
Yes .
Connections Component Inputs .
1 Composite Inputs.
1 Optical.
HDMI Input .
4 USB Ports
(Universal Serial Bus) A widely used hardware interface for attaching peripheral devices. USB ports began to appear on PCs in 1997; and Windows 98 was the first Windows to support it natively. Within a few years; USB became popular for connec.

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