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High Definition Television

High Definition Television is being proclaimed as the biggest revolution in TV for years. It promises to bring you a cinema-like experience in your own home with sharper, clearer, more vibrant pictures and amazing sound quality on a selection of HD programmes.

But at what price?

To make sure that you can make an informed decision on whether you wish to take the first steps towards upgrading into the world of High Definition Television, we list below the latest facts:

• A High Definition television broadcast signal contains around 5 times more information than a standard signal.

• You will not notice much difference in picture quality until you view the high definition pictures on a screen that is larger than 28”.

• Some programmes will broadcast in high quality surround sound (requires a surround sound speaker system to hear it).

• Programmes can be transmitted in either of 2 main HD formats (1080i and 720p). However HD digital receivers are designed to switch automatically from one format to the other (as required) so that you will always get the very best picture experience.

• Televisions use the “HD Ready” logo when their display screens have enough pixels to enable them to display a high definition picture properly. They also have the right connectors to receive a HD signal from a set top box or HD media player device (such as the next generation of DVD players or gaming consoles).

• “HD Ready” televisions do not have HD receivers.

• “HD TV” is the logo that appears on televisions or set top boxes that already have built-in HD receivers.

• To see a HD television programme, you will need a stand alone “HD TV” or a “HD Ready” TV connected to a digital set top box or a digital television cable provider.

• BBC HD television programme broadcasts are free, but are not available through Freeview.

• Sky have announced their HD television broadcasting services as a Premium Service (currently as an additional payment of circa £10 / month above the normal monthly subscription package).

• The Sky HD Television service requires the user to upgrade to Sky’s latest set-top box (currently at a cost of circa £299).

• Gaming Technology is also poised to make the jump to high definition. The next generation of consoles will require a high definition display to make the most of the gaming experience with consoles and software optimised for high definition gaming.

If you require any further information on this important subject then please use the official links below:

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