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3D television technology arrived on the market in 2010 and was received with a huge amount of interest by both the trade and the public. The main driver behind this was the release of a large number of major 3D movies to cinemas during the same year where the viewing experience was significantly better and more enjoyable than older 3D releases and previous 3D technologies.

3D TVs are capable of viewing both 3D and 2D video content as they use the same electronic video processing systems to display the images. To view 3D content however requires a set of 3D glasses that are specially designed to create the 3D effect when watching a 3D signal from any of the following sources:
• 3D-TV connected to 3D Blu-ray Player for packaged media.
• 3D-TV connected to HD Games Console, e.g. PS3 for 3D gaming.
• 3D-TV connected to HD Set Top Box for broadcasted 3D content.
• 3D-TV receiving a 3D-TV broadcast directly via a built-in tuner and decoder.

The only advantage over alternative TV systems is that you can watch 3D content.

Full HD 3D requires the panel to refresh twice as fast as a regular Full HD TV. Currently the image processing technology in Plasma TVs is best suited to cope with the required screen image refresh rates (500Hz to 600Hz typically). This helps to to shorten the panel's illumination time and raises the image intensity simultaneously to produce bright, crisp 3D images.

Blurry doubles images are removed by reducing the afterimage time (typically down by two thirds) to create smooth, sweeping motion.This makes sure you see pin-sharp 3D images without blurry double images.

Super-high contrast levels found on a 3D TV help to deliver very deep blacks. This allows the eye to distinguish the different depth planes of the picture and is essential for an immersive 3D experience.

The only TV system that can play 3D content and gives you a good 3D viewing experience.

The technology is very expensive and currently 3D TV content is very limited (i.e. restricted to Blu-ray Movies and Games).

Our Verdict:
If you enjoy watching the latest 3D movies or are into 3D Gaming then this technology is worth exploring. Prices are very high at the moment but will come down when this format becomes more popular and broadcasters start transmitting regular 3D television content.

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