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Smart TV Buying Guide

Smart TV is now being embraced by all the leading brands in order to meet the growing demand from the television buying public to utilise their tv sets as networked new media centres for their homes with direct access to the internet.

The screen interface is usually heavily branded with well known web related interactive services such as iPlayer, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or Picassa as well as offering a web browser that allows you to surf the internet.

1. Receive Catch Up TV, On Demand Video and HD TV services

2. Participate in social networking or use interactive serices such as video calling or online gaming

Smart TVs are readily available from all good retailers and command a relatively small premium above a standard television set. There are also a range of Smart TV set top boxes available that connect to your television via a hdmi cable and are linked to the internet through your wireless router and broadband connection.

You can open up your television viewing habits to a whole new range of interactive new media services that make best use of your television's large screen format and high definition technology.

All Smart TVs require a good broadband connection with good download speeds in order to allow uniterrupted streaming of video and game play. You may have to upgrade both your home network equipment (wireless and broadband router) and broadband provider service to make best use of this technology.

Our Verdict:
Smart TVs opens up a wide range of added value online services provided that you have a reliable and reasonable fast broadband connection without any major download allowance restrictions.


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