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Step 1 - 4K TV Buying Guide

4K Televisions are also sometimes called ultra HD(UHD)TVs as they have four times the pixel count of a standard HD TV. 4K TV technology was originally developed for extra large screens where the larger pixel count allows for super clarity viewing. However each pixel is smaller than those used on regular HD TVs and therefore this technolgy can also be squeezed into an average sized television that is typically 40 ins plus.

1. There is so much detail and depth in the picture that it can almost feel like 3D without the need to wear special glasses to watch it

2. The large (40 ins) to extra large (85 ins) screen sizes help to create a true home cinema experience

3. The optimum viewing distance required from the screen is half that of a regular HD TV. This allows larger screens sizes to be placed in the same sized room when you upgrade from HD.

4. All the top brands are offering a wide choice of 4K TVs across a good range of larger screen sizes

Currently 4K broadcasted content is very limited and comes at a premium. This is because 4K requires a huge amount of data to be held on a disc or transmitted over limited bandwidth. There are some selected programmes being released by internet services (such as Netflix) but current 4K TV owners are reliant on upscaling HD content through the software built inside the television unit in order to reproduce a near 4K experience.

You can get a far larger picture and a more detailed viewing experience than any other rival television technology. A 4K TV currently provides an excellent option for viewing regular HD at even higher definition through the use of the upscaling technology built into the television units.

The technology is currently expensive compared to regular HD TV sets and there is very little true 4K viewing content available. Manufacturers and broadcasters need to find a more efficient way to deliver the large amounts of data that is required to produce such detailed pictures.

Our Verdict:
4K TV sets are the future, but how well it upscales HD content to Ultra HD should be the deciding factor.


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