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Cheap LCD TV Buying Guide

Cheap LCD TV models have evolved from the great advancements made in flat screen monitors for desktop computing.

1. Light enough and slim enough to hang on a wall

2. A large range of screens sizes

Cheap LCD TV screen sizes typically range between 13" to 55" with larger sets still to come.

The screens use a backlight system to help present a brighter image. This can lead to loss of picture quality from different viewing angles. However, manufacturers are making big advancements in this area as they recognise that Cheap LCD TV technology will in the near future become the most likely television of choice.


A broad range of screen sizes at affordable prices. Slim and light they are ideal for hanging on walls.


You can get variable picture quality dependent on your viewing angle. Lack of picture contrast levels can lead to loss of detail in dark picture scenes.

Our Verdict:

The great improvements in picture quality combined with falling prices has led to an upsurge in demand for Cheap LCD TV models. The smaller screen formats (and their ability to be easily hung on walls) are particularly ideal for personal use around the house away from the sitting room.


cheap lcd tv buying guide



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