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Step 1 - Plasma TV Buying Guide

The plasma tv has brought a futuristic slim looking screen to our living rooms with the ability to view high quality images in a glorious deoth of colours. They come in all shapes and sizes and are ideal for watching DVD's and high definition TV broadcasts.

1. More Expensive than LCD TV's

2. Very large screens combined with slim designs

The average plasma tv screen size is now around 42" and 60+" sets are now becoming increasingly available. Most plasma tv's now integrate with video, dvd and home cinema equipment.

You can also release a significant amount of living space within your home and create a centre-piece for your room (either on a stand or mounted on a wall) but all this comes at a premium price.


Modern slim looks combined with large screens that deliver excellent picture results for DVD discs and high definition television broadcasts. All models are now HD Ready.


Low quality television signals can display 'picture noise' (that looks like blurred little blocks on the screen). The life time of the plasma screen varies between brand to brand (typically 60,000 hours).

Our Verdict:

Prices are coming down and picture quality is improving. If you want a large screen picture, regularly watch DVD movies, subcribe to High Definition Television services and require a superb centre-piece for your living room then do consider a plasma tv.


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