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Widescreen Television Buying GuideWidescreen Television models have 2 distinct advantages over alternative systems:
1. More Affordable Prices

2. Better Image Quality

Widescreen television models still offer some of the best ways to display an image. The average screen size is now 28" to 32" and is still growing. However the bigger the image then the bigger the depth of the television tube. This can have a significant impact on available living space within a home.

Widescreen television models have better image quality over both LCD and Plasma televisions due to the fact that they have superior control over the definition of black and picture contrast.

Gives you the best picture and the best value for money. You can typically buy a 28" CRT TV for less than £300 and a 32" for around £400.

The sheer physical size and weight of the television. Typically a 32" TV can weigh 65 kilogrammes.

Our Verdict:
Prices have never been lower. Widescreen television models offer tremendous value for money provided you have the space to fit one comfortably into your home.

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